Saturday, June 13, 2009

Would Spicy Foods and Seasonings Help Dementia/Alzheimer's Patients?

I really found this ad interesting a few weeks ago, spices that boost your immune system.

Read this:

EATING spicy curries could help slow down Alzheimer's disease, new research has revealed.
The study in the US claims a compound found in turmeric - a yellow spice that gives curry its colour - stimulates a response against symptoms of the brain disease.

The compound curcumin affects brain cells of Alzheimer's patients by boosting the immune system to help combat "plaques" which kill the cells - and eventually cause dementia.
Researchers in Los Angeles studied blood samples from patients. When they added the ingredient to the samples, it boosted immune cells.

Lead researcher Dr Milan Fiala believes the ingredient could be turned into a form of treatment for the incurable disease.

There is so much information out there that can at least if nothing else put us on some type of track, and in our search we will connect with the right information, it will come cause you are seeking answers.
Eating a curry once or twice a week could help prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease and dementia, a US researcher suggests.

In hopes to help someone: Peace

Saturday, May 9, 2009

When Dementia/Alzheimer's strike, What are the Signs?

Levels of Impairment of Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Early Mild Stage:

* The area of memory lapse varies from moment to moment. Family members frequently call this being “good one day and bad the next”.
* Individuals at this stage can no longer survive alone in a community; memory loss is more evident. At times they can recall their address, the year, or other major information about their life. However, they may not remember what day it is or may get days and nights mixed up. Resident/patient and /or family will report an increase in forgetting things, and a decrease inability to recall words.
* There is often notable trouble with calculation and /or completing tasks or following directions.
* Frequently the individual will lose or misplaces objects and they will handle personal finances less.
* Individuals will experience difficulty and anxiety when traveling in unfamiliar locations.
* There is generally a decrease in social skills, and marked inability to function independently in community activities. The individual will more often forget names, important events and appointments.
* Individuals also will display poor judgment and /or impulse control.
* This stage is recognized by the person’s impaired functional level such as difficult choosing appropriate clothing, self-care, and driving a car.
* Individuals will show signs of difficulty following conversations, movies or television plots.
* Anger, suspicion, and transient crying episodes occur. Care and supervision of such individuals now becomes a full time responsibility.
* Often the person will be good at compensating for memory loss and denies the problem, but experiences increased anxiety.
* Individuals may be experiencing uncontrolled searching and/or wandering behaviors.
* Sometimes individuals may talk constantly of events and appointments that have already happened from past events that they look as to a present events, which may cause arguments if you tackle the situation. This will cause frustration for them and may become defensive.
* It is known that in some early stages, some will shut totally down themselves and become depressed cause they can’t do the things they were able to do at one time or another, it has been known for them to totally stop eating, if not approached correctly or with the right caregiver or care.
* In some cases, placing in a closed unit is helpful and sometimes it can cause even more hostility.
* In some cases individuals will begin to follow you around constantly and sometimes develop patterns of repeating sentences over and over again. Looking for their parents or family members already deceased such as their husbands/wives or children. Hiding wet under garments to save for a later time, collecting others clothes and items, trying to get outside, putting on extra clothes or undressing constantly, unable to rest, can be verbally abusive and sometimes physical towards themselves and family members as well. The list can go on in these early stages.
* Some days are wonderful and they can rest really well, some days can turn into 3 to 4 days with out any sleep or rest for any one

Middle Moderate Stage:

* Individuals at this level begin to require assistance with basic activities of daily living such as bathing and toileting.
* Memory deteriorates to a fragmentary knowledge of address and whereabouts. The person frequently cannot identify the spouses upon whom they depend for survival.
* The individual may have difficulty counting backwards from 10 in clinical testing.
* Person’s with Alzheimer’s disease, early in this stage develop a fear of bathing. They forget how to adjust the water for the temperature and may become frightened, particularly of the shower. At times towel washing is all they will tolerate.
* Later in this stage, the person may begin to forget the mechanics of toileting and must be given step-by-step instructions for wiping and washing themselves.
* Decreased cognitive capacity eventually results in urinary and fecal incontinence. The lack of control is not caused by infection or physiological change, but simply by lack of memory about toileting.
* Individuals are prone to agitation, violence, paranoia and delusions in place of withdrawal. They may experience delusions or hallucinations.
* Emotional changes in this stage are variable and can include obsessive symptoms such as repeating a simple cleaning activity. Individuals can show loss of will because they cannot carry through a thought long enough to determine an action.
* Language and communication become more impaired. The individual may be able to describe an unnamed object, but is unable to write intelligently or follow verbal instructions.
* Individuals may exhibit poor impulse control, and may behave inappropriately, for example in a sexual or aggressive manner.
* The person with dementia is unable to discern dangerous situations and may begin to wander. They are often fearful and anxious.
* Resident/patient will most often have dysphasia/feeding problems.
* Residents/patients may be found on the floor because they “forget” they are walking and collapse.
* The crisis that leads to institutionalization is usually violence and incontinence.
* In this stage as well verbal and physical abuse can almost become unbearable to family members. Outburst of constant cries and yelling, caused by the lack of their ability to do for themselves is unacceptable, yet it is not easy for them to comprehend and express the fear of loosing that independence. This sometimes comes in the form of rage.

Late Stages:

* Individuals at this stage first lose the ability to speak and then to walk.
* Vocalizations may be reduced to grunts and screams.
* Resident/patient’s screams and emotional outbursts should be interpreted carefully.
They maybe attempts at communicating needs, not just expressions of distress.
* Persons at this stage are unaware of surroundings and require extensive watch and care or assistance.
* Residents/patients often will not recognize caregivers, family members or their own image in the mirror.
* The end stages are stupor and coma if the resident has not succumbed to aspiration, infection or other illness.
* Medical problems increase and the body is more susceptible to infections.
* The body begins to shut down, as the brain is no longer able to tell the organs how to function.
* In some cases some individuals are in such denial of having to let go, they scream or pray until the last of their breath, from the fear of having to let go of what they don’t’ remember but have some recall of.
* Comfort is provided and in some cases being at home is more relaxed for them, even if they are not conscious, they are still aware that family members are near and they are safe as they make their exit. We hate to say this, but this is what it is.

In any case, as to my personal experience and work with dementia/Alzheimer’s, many individuals live many years in this state of consciousness. It can very hard and stressful to and for family members to see and experience them slowly slipping away, for years this can go on, but I in my own experience found that the longer they can be at home in familiar surroundings and with people they can somewhat relate to, make the process a lot easier. With a proper diet, exericise, daily activities along with rest, the battle may not be a streeful on everyone as a whole. I have experienced family members literally beating themselves up and feeling guilty cause they don’t know how to handle it, or what to do, and this is ok, we all are learning the signs and the behavior of this disease.
Now statistics have shown that there is no age limit as to this disease, sometimes it can start in the early 40’s and they can live for 40 more years afterwards.
I at present work with dementia/Alzheimer patients, and I deal with many in different stages, I help family members deal, react, care for their loved ones, for those that wish for them to be home. I would say at some point it is considered for an individual to be institutionalized id the combativeness iss too dangerous to you and to themselves, they would need constant around the clock watch. Private home care is a very much needed thought and consideration. to try.
I personally am available to assist as well. I have over 25 years of on hands experience in this area. Please continue to read the information I put here on my site. The main thing is to be strong enough to make decisions or at least to try them and see what will work in the best interest of you and your loved one. There is no need to beat yourself up, and there is nothing that you did to cause this. You handle dementia/Alzheimer’s one day at a time. Technology is coming out with more and more ways to maybe stop or to at least help educate people as to slowing the process down, but in the interim, it is good that you learn all that you can and be able to handle on coming situations.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Benefits To Private Care Due To Health Awareness

It is true that if you are in your own surrounding at home, you wont be as open to a lot of dis-ease that is out here today. This is a major concern…………You Make The Choice for Your loved One.

As a CNA/Companion for your loved one, in the privacy of their or your home, gives your loved one a positive setting for a quicker healing in a familiar surrounding, at the same time they can also if health permits, are able to participate in daily activities in a nice social setting that most wont get in a large facility, clothes are washed alone and not in a public laundry, food can be prepared as to what they really enjoy eatting to maintain health. Cleanliness is definitly a mnust today. This is not to say the nursing homes are not, but home is always going to be where the heat is.

Having someone to drive your loved one to the doctor versus paying a facility extra for transportation saves you money, cause in most cases there is a charge.

Daily activities will help your loved one have a purpose and reason to get up. I have experienced in some cases in my own expereince, some loved ones loose interest, due to missing family, friends, and home.

Having some one that has skills and ablilities to aide in preventive health care as they gain strength that will indeed re-establish independence for a while longer, so mom or dad can still function as a part of the family.

Choosing the right Caregiver, CNA, Companion sitter or facility for your loved one is important to your loved one whether you know this or not, it is expressed in many times of my own expereince. Cheap help does not mean that you will always get quality help. I know you want this too. Quality help. Well I am here to say, I get amazing results not only because I love what I do, but i love people and I know that with proper help the connection is amazing and you will and can expereience this first hand.

Make your choice the one that will promote a clean, safe, and a healing enviorment that your loved one will love and appreciate you for.

Why am I covering this area so much? My own expereince as I have stated, I've been in the health care field for over 25 years, I have first hand experienced the up's and down's of families not making the right choice for their loved one, even as they express it. The decision is so crucial, I would say it is a matter of life and dealth to someone. Not being where you want to be will cause you to be very unhappy.

Again you make the right decision for your loved one. I am willing to help in any way that I can, I have many skills that can help you care for your loved, matters not the condition, I have worked it all. Email me or
I can be your alternative to the nursing home, this is a great decision.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spiritual Transition For The Youthful Elderly (Fears)

My Own Expeirences of

Spiritual Transition For the Youthful Elderly (Fears)

Nursing Homes serve as permanent residences for people who are too frail or sick to live at home or as a temporary facility during a recovering period. However, many people need a nursing home level of care but would prefer to remain in their own home with the help of their family and friends, community services, and professional care agencies.

But, it remains that there are issues that you still may have in the type setting that does not have to do with the family helping, Personalizing their care is sometimes a way for your loved one to heal, sometimes to get even better. With the proper setting loved ones can connect with a one on one care giver. Even in a live in setting there is comfort , security in knowing you have someone on your side and there at all times.

Support from start to finish:

This is more personalble and in depth one on one setting. Care is designed to give support to people and to their families in the final phase of a terminal illness and focus on comfort and quality of life, yet with an understanding that there is a spiritual cure, an inner understanding, an acceptance, a complete wholeness as you become more aware of what is now and to come.

My goal is to enable patients to be comfortable and free of pain as their medical doctors prescribe whatever is needed to reduce this discomfort, so that they live each day as fully as possible in the comfort of their own homes around friends and family.

There is nothing wrong with being afraid of the unknown, but to come into awareness and find a peace with that is another. Fear should should never be our basis as to us making a desicion in our life. Fears are self inflicted and self created by you and your own lack of understanding. We are all aging, we may all at some point loose some of our abilities to care for ourself. But, this is a process in life, and we act as if it does not happen or it will not happend to us. None of us will escape physical dealth. Facing this should strengthend us and give us an inner peace as to how we should live our lives, and it be in a more healthy manner spiritually, mentally, physically. we constantly live in a mental state of dealth, this experience will kill you alone by it's own merit, cause you have given it power to rule your entire being.

We really should want misunderstandings cleared as to what pertains to our life, in seeing things as they are at present, and not by stressing ourself as to this is how I use to do it, or it use to be, as oppose to what is truly present now, what is to come and learning that we control what we desire to experience. Versus just sitting back and feeling and living drained.

The settings are generally home-based, I sometimes provide services away from home -- in freestanding facilities, in nursing homes, or within hospitals. The philosophy of Spiritual transtion is like hospice as in relations, but I am independent, Ioffer Spiritual awareness for a transion to families, and the patient, showing the way to inner peace, joy and learning to let go. Oppose the fear of dealth. I provide support for the patient's and families emotional, social, and spiritual needs as well as establishing friendship and bonding. (I offer no treaments, medical diagnosis, symptom analyzing or of that nature)My main focus is to open people and families to the Spiritual Transtion of and to dealth. How to be and live in a more positive state of consciousness as we age.

To bring awareness to health issues that only you control. Within the aging process, we all should at an early age really start to question and investigate our own lives on how to stay healthy Spiritualy, mentally, and physically, so that we are aware in preventive knowledge. The setting is social with the family present as a whole, so all can expereince the healing of love, learning and growth, as you are opened to an awareness of dealth being every moment of our lives.

I bring more awareness to what is present and being real to what is present as you become more aware. All starts with you and it will end with you. As my great grandmother use to say, no matter where you go, there you are, and you will not escape yourself. So learn all you can about who your are and the universe will flow into you and with you. Awareness (consciousness) will bring about this state of being as you embrace the desire to know you.

I have learned over my 25 years as being a CNA and in the nursing field, from my own personal experiences we all have our own different issues, we dont see things as they are, so we lock our minds on what was, what we use to do and be, and refuse to relate to it in any other way, so we mentally reinact whether in words or in actions what we dont want to happen and as a result get what we dont want, what we dont need or want to experience. This is that deniel state that we live in and it can be very harmful, as to my own personal experience in the profession, I have experience people fight dealth to the end, fight getting older to the end until self created fears drained them of their life.

I have been in this work for more than 25 plus years. Studies Holistic Nursing. Preventive healthcare, fitness and good eatting habits. My studies are also in Spiritual healing and inner transformation. People seek me out for what I call the Spiritual Present Style card reading, Spritiual Transition of dealth, as to what dealth is, and what it is not that will help eliminate your fears and can be used in a positive way to live a more full and healthy life. (Spiritually) I am not for the close minded that have many doubts and deniels, I am here for those that are tired and want inner peace, I am only a pointer back to yourself.

There are many ways to contact me: or

other sites : or or

I would like to thank you for being here at my site and reading, there is a deeper meaning that drew you to this site, never over look the abvious, conditions and signs come to us as we seek them.

Always Create A Wonderful Day.

Contact me via email, for pricing and setting appointments

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Alternative To Nursing Home Care


Hello There,
It’s important that you know…..

There is a higher healing rate for your sick or elder family member, when they can be at home, or live independent at home as long as they can. I have experienced personally these types of results. Now, you have to discuss and provide living arrangements for your loved one, this is major. If you are battling this issue, and in search of such services, while you sort through some of these services in your attempt to connect with the right person.

Let me tell you a little about myself….

I have lived in Cabarrus County for 16 years and I have since then built a great reputation and association with some very good people that are very willing to give references. I have raised 3 children and that is a reference of it‘s own. I’m a self starter, motivator and I like seeing things get done.

I’ve been a certified care provider for 25 years. I am CPR certified. I‘ve worked in, in home non-medical and medical home care, from light care to total bed care. I have spent much work in Holistic health Care. I presently work with Dementia/Alzheimer’s patients , all of which are at different stages of it’s development. I am very open to alternatives ways as to living a more healthy and conscious lifestyle. So I bring my many skills in this area.
I have previous experiences in Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living, Patients with sensitive health conditions such as heart problems, diabetes, cancer, aids, MS, amputations etc. I can also operate digital whirlpool, and any type of transfer equipment.

I’m 54 years young, health conscious, self starter, great sense of humor, laid back, a great companion listener and talker, with my own transportation, a good driving record, smoke free and drug free seeking private position from M-F days or evenings, I am open for night shift hours, and to week end stays. Whatever the need is, your main objective is that they are safe, and in good hands. They get the care they need and you get the hours that you want.

I bring my honesty, trust, promptness , effectiveness, organization skills, preventive health care skills, all my nursing experiences, my ability to share a more natural and healthy life style for a longer beneficial life. Now, today with health care as it is, it is better to practice healthy living, and natural eating habits.
It is sad to say that with the economy taking this hard hit, the cut backs of health programs like Medicaid will be cut back even harder, almost forcing people to hurry and get well, and get this, this cut in Medicaid will cause nursing home turn around for stay from 90 days to 30 days, the information is out there, check my Blogs for all related type information as to elder care.

I have references upon request….IF you have any question please feel free to email me:…… or call me (704) 713-0993

There is Alternatives To Nursing Home Care
Contact me via email, for pricing and setting appointments. Pricing may vary by distance….
Please check out my Blogs:
You can also Google Shantinel1 or Alternative To Nursing Home Care; Much Peace and Thank You for reading My ad.
Many Blessings to you and your family………